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True Up North

TrueUp North
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True Up North is an Internet Community and Mock Newspaper about what really goes on “Up North”; places, people and things that didn’t quite make it to the ‘real’ papers, with a bit of an homage to old time periodicals in that it also includes fiction and poetry and art, in addition to obscure local news. It is not meant to take the place of local papers, but merely as a bit of fun. While we do make an effort to present things as they are, we are not a ‘true’ newspaper, and there may be occasional errata due to human error or the fact that we don’t have the tools at our disposal that a ‘real’ news company would.

All articles are copyright their writers, with all rights retained by their authors.

Because we work in small towns, we use Pseudonyms in our writing to protect our identities (kinda like superheroes), and to maintain a distance from our writing. We want you to enjoy our writing because it’s good; not because you’re our friends or because someone told you to.

alanson, bay harbor, bay view, charelvoix, charelvoix county, emmet county, fiction, harbor springs, michigan, mitten, news, non-fiction, northern michigan, petoskey, tourism, travel, up north